What to Expect

It may be that your GP or some other professional referred you to our service.  Our service is a 'specialist service' and so it is necessary to be referred into our service for an appointment, as opposed to self-referring.

When you arrive for your appointment at either our Aberdeen or Elgin site, you'll be able to register your attendance at our reception desk and take a seat in the waiting room.  When it's time for your appointment, your clinician (who might be a nurse, psychologist, doctor or another member of our clinical staff) will come out to you to meet you and invite you for your confidential appointment. 


Whether you are seen on your own, with your family, or a bit of both (depending on your needs and preferences) your clinician will take the opportunity to listen to you and work with you to create ways forward to help you achieve your recovery goals.  Sometimes that means coming back for more appointments if that is felt to be helpful.

Our highly skilled clinicians have different areas of expertise - different forms of therapy and also medication.  Treatment plans are discussed and negotiated with patients and families where ever possible.

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